What are you asking for?

In Mark 5 there’s a story of a woman who was suffering from bleeding for twelve years. Having heard reports of Jesus miracles, she comes to Him in a crowd and touches His clothing. She thought to herself “If I touch even His garments, I will be made well.” She touches Jesus and indeed is healed. She feels it immediately and Jesus also notices that healing power had gone out from Him.

Who touched me? Jesus asked. The disciples scoff at a silly question in a crowded place where everyone is touching others. The woman comes to Jesus knowing what had happened and fell down in fear and trembling and told him it was her. And Jesus looked at her and said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

Sounds good! What a great healing story, if not a bit strange. But there’s more going on here behind the words. Jesus calls an old woman, “Daughter.” This loaded term goes well with the word for healing. In “Your faith has healed you.” Jesus is using a salvation word (Greek: sozo not iaomai which is used strictly for physical healing) meaning rescue from eternal death. It’s the same word in the woman’s thoughts when she comes to Jesus thinking to herself “If I touch even His garments, I will be made well.”

“Your faith has saved you” is what Jesus is saying and He sends her with the peace that passes all understanding. He sends her with the same peace that God gives you under His name put on you in baptism and in the benediction where He “looks upon you with favor and gives you peace.” (Numbers 6:22)

So what was she asking for when she touched Jesus? It seems God had given her eyes of faith to see a saving available in the healing of Jesus. She had seen the healing miracles of Jesus and was granted faith to believe that that healing would be hers along with a place in the family of God. Certainly the physical healing is good but as God’s sons and daughters, we know that the healing of the soul is the eternal importance.

So what are you asking for? God is listening. Whether it’s for healing, job advancement or security, family situations, clarity in vocations, our Father hears our prayers and promises to answer. We should keep praying with the God given faith that we are in His family. We have a Father who does immeasurably more than we are able to ask (Ephesians 3:20).

Our Father did immeasurably more than we ever could’ve imagined or expected when He gave His Son as The Sacrifice for all sin. It was your cross that you deserved for your sins that Jesus hung on. Believe in this and you will be healed. What does this healing salvation look like? It looks like the command to go. Go away from the empty tomb where only your sins remain and into the arms of your Savior. Go with God’s peace, knowing He has done it all for you. Easter isn’t just about empty, it’s about a life full of God’s love. And He’s given it all for you. He’s given you faith to believe what Christ has given in His life, death, and resurrection.

Let’s share that love as we share Christ with the world!