Generous Thanksgiving

You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.
(2 Corinthians 9:11 ESV)

One of the hardest things about saying goodbye to summer is the shortening of days that we experience. As the days grow shorter we could all use more light! In the church year readings that we have, we are approaching the end of our current cycle. The end of the church year always goes like the end of summer-fall-winter transition. The readings focus on the darkness that we experience in the trials and tribulations of the world and they point us to being prepared Christ to return. Thanks be to God through Christ Jesus, He has enriched us to be lights in this dark world! 

We are not only equipped to shine, but as fellow members of the body, we are gifted to assist others in their shining. As God’s people called to the body of Christ at Trinity we are called and gifted to Share Christ. This past month or so we have been taking a stewardship voyage where we consider how our gifts are used to share Christ. Among other godly pursuits, our time can be spent sharing in His word, our talents can be devoted to demonstrating and supporting Him in our world, and our treasures can be given to God for the work of furthering His kingdom.


Our sharing of Christ and sharing of the gifts He has blessed us is a tangible presence of His body growing together into the Body He has knit us into. I continue to raise heartfelt prayers of Thanksgiving to our Lord for His guidance. The days of the vacancy have been much like the daylight, time seems scarce! But, thanks be to God, He continues to sustain His ministry at Trinity. We continue to be blessed to share Christ through the preaching of His word and the delivery of His sacraments in worship. These along with the strengthening of families we are blessed to be a part of in the school, the life together among believers and the acts of service I witness, are things I am thankful for.

What are you thankful for? There’s much we receive from our God who gives us freely. May I suggest, foremost this month we recall the enriching we have received undeserved through Christ’s work on the cross for us. This gift of life enriches us with the Spirit filled generosity that flows forth into the world. This generosity has and will continue to produce thanksgiving to God. God is doing His work through our sharing. May we continue to give Him all the thanks and praise that His name deserves.

With you, Sharing Christ at all times and in all places,

Pastor Kleimola