Letter to the 8th Grade Class 2013

Each year (well two now) I am asked to write a letter to the concluding students at Trinity Lutheran School. I wish someone would’ve sent me one of my letters from the future back in 1998 when I was finishing the 8th grade.

You can read it the way I gave it (will give it) to them at this link: 2013 Letter to 8th Grade Class or you can read it without getting dizzy here below.

Greetings former Trinity Student. It is awesome that you have made it through the classes and grade levels of this fine institution. But it is not anything too earth shaking. People like you have been “graduating” from here for over 130 years. Your efforts have certainly paid off and they have earned you the right to call yourself a “graduate” of Trinity Lutheran School.

I know that the memories you have from these years here will not be forgotten. Many of your lessons will be. But there are things you will always hold onto. I know you will not forget your classmates (completely). Your teachers won’t be forgotten by you (mostly). Of all the things I hope you remember from this place though are the lessons you learned about the God who loves you through all the twists and turns your life will take. I pray that the foundations you have laid here on Christ will not be forgotten.

I am sure you have heard a number of times lately that God has a plan for you. But I will let you in on a little philosophical, theological secret… something I wish someone had told me when I was where you are: God’s “plan for you” is not a clearly defined path. Your line from where you are now to eternity with God is not set in stone. You do not have to sit around waiting for a magical, spiritual plan to be handed to you. You get to choose your own adventure. These were my favorite books to read when I was in school. In fact God’s plan for you isn’t what you might think of when you hear the word plan. You probably think it is a set of steps for you to follow to get somewhere or accomplish something.

That’s well and good. But God’s plan for you is much simpler than that and where it plays out and what it looks like is the adventure that lies before you. Its shape is the path you get to chose. But the plan of God that has existed and will continue throughout whatever you go after is His love. His love is for you. Jesus died for you and lives in you. And because He is in you – you are able to love others. This is all you need to do. Where and how and when you do it are all yours for the choosing. It can be at McDonalds. It can be in Hollywood. It can be in your family. It can be in the circus. Maybe your family is a circus.

Wherever you go, go boldly as a child of God.