God is Watching. So Should You.

  • God is watching us. Good? Bad?
  • Why you should watch
  • What to watch for

One of the things I remember vividly about my faith growing up was learning the idea that God is always watching me. This is a point we come to learn throughout the whole counsel of scripture, but Proverbs 15:3 says it clearest: “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.”watching

As a child and even to this day this strikes me as a comforting thing — you know the whole, lest you strike your foot against a stone idea he will bring us through the fire and the waves. That’s amazing. Yet it can also be frightening because we know we do not live up to God’s standards and we are constantly bucking His design. We fall into sin and we would rather not look at ourselves from time to time, let alone be seen by God. But… He’s watching.

Why you should watch:
God has given us the responsibility to watch out for, watch over, and yes — directly watch those entrusted to our care.This becomes even more difficult and more important when the actions of the ones we watch can be hidden behind device screens, deleted histories, vague descriptions and closed doors. More than ever with new technologies coming out daily, it becomes harder to know how to watch and what to watch for. Watching in our technological society involves being educated and aware. These days, the dangers that lurk don’t just come in the form of fireworks and freeways. Now they can easily come in the form of predators and powerful peer pressures peddled in constantly changing channels.

What to watch for:
When you are watching over your children in their technological life you need to be aware of what they are doing. What apps are your child using and why? What sites are they visiting and why? Whom are they communicating with, about what and how often? The reason we watch isn’t to correct every misstep they make, children will make mistakes and we should let them — so they can learn from them. But we also need to be ready to teach them about their mistakes but more importantly to protect them from those who would do them harm.

I often relate letting your child loose with technology to letting your child roam around a busy city. Chances are your child can figure it out and survive, but chances are there is someone looking to take advantage of someone unsuspecting. In our time of stranger danger, parents need to remember the dangers of the real world are just as real online as off.

Pornography, child trafficking, cyber bullying, are just some of the dangers that your child faces online. Another danger comes from raising children that are so lost in the cyber world they miss out on the gift of the creation of Him who is always watching.

Continue to find your strength in Him and share it with your children.

In Christ,

Pastor Kleimola