Technology and Truth – What is Truth?

Truth is becoming more and more relative around us. Truth is something that is supposed to be timeless, real and unchanging but in an age where information is available to and from almost anyone we begin to rely less on timeless truths and more on immediate feelings and information.

This past week Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman demonstrated the proximity of information and the changing of “truth.” Up until recently Portman held the conservative belief that what scripture says about marriage is part of God’s timeless truths. He believed (well at least voted along the lines) that God’s design for creation remains the same from the beginning. He believed that God created them to be male and female and that His design for intimate love within families is to be between husband and wife. This belief fell to the wayside when a closer information source, the beliefs of his son, replaced the timeless truths of scripture. Senator Portman’s son told his father he was gay two years ago and this changed “truth” for Senator Portman.

truth spinnerThe changing of beliefs and accepting of new truths while rejecting others is a popular thing to do these days. We are warned that we can have our beliefs as long as they do not infringe upon or disagree with the beliefs of others. More and more our “truths” are the ones that are most popularly agreed upon or the most recently and loudest expressed. As Christians who hold the Bible to be the inspired and inerrant word of God for all times, our timeless truths are threatened and looked at as outdated and even hateful.

What does this have to do with parenting and technology? Good question. This past week Kati and I were impressed and surprised to watch our oldest, Daneila (7), working on a research project for her first grade class. She was Googling! This was an incredible wake up call. She is getting older and even quicker than she is aging, information is becoming available. As parents we need to ensure our children know what is true and unchanging.

As Jesus stood before Pilate during Holy Week, Pilate asked him the question “What is truth?” He must’ve realized the answer was standing right in front of him. Pilate after asking this question and receiving no answer other than what he saw in front of him acquitted Jesus of all the charges leveled against Him. The one who stood before Pilate is the everlasting truth. But even Pilate’s momentary understanding of the truth faded as the crowds continued to turn against Jesus. The immediacy of the popular opinion outweighed the timelessness of the truth in front of him.

Saint Paul warns us in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 that the time is coming where sound teaching will not be endured, but itching ears will find for themselves teachers to suit their own passions and will turn away from truths and wander into myths. Take the advice of Paul and be sober minded. Keep the truth of God in your family by being connected to the timeless truth. Take some time to disconnect from the constant stream of media we are connected to and connect your family to the one who never changes.