WordPress and Social Sharing

After about a month of finagling and finessing, I think I finally have a WordPress deployment correctly sharing content to Facebook and twitter in a professional looking fashion.

I started out by thinking the Facebook plugin was going to be the most effective, and yes it does have quite a bit more features, such as tagging friends and inline Facebook comments, but I decided they were not needed in the Trinity Lutheran Church instance. I was also hesitant to create a “Facebook App” like I have for this page, for the church and school without having a full plan and understanding.

In strolled the Social Graph Protocol along with the JetPack‘s new friend, Publicize. Actually Publicize came first. This is the solution that I have going and that works well. I haven’t fully explored the social graph tracking features, but that is not too important to me as we are already tracking our minimal traffic with the JetPack stats and Google Analytics.

The hardest part of this process was getting the correct pictures to show up in the Facebook timeline for our page. The arbitrary way Facebook seemed to be picking the images for the posts was frustrating. Things would show up like this: The solution was found in social graph. I found this after reading this post which also suggests Like-Button-Plugin-For-WordPress and Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages. This graphic from the orginal Social Media Examiner Post is particularly helpful for understanding how Facebook Posts are “built.”

Here are the different sections of the update that appear on Facebook after someone likes your article.

Anyway, yesterday was the day when the plugins aligned and the first fully understood Facebook post and Tweet occurred. It worked as I planned it. I haven’t had a chance to do any video content shares, but feel it is looming in a good way.

Now to figure out why Postie keeps failing for our secretaries to post weekly news and notes and how to make sure content is informative and/or engaging without being overwhelming.